Canada Immigration Visa

Are you thinking about immigrating to Canada? The first thing that you need to do is to see whether you are eligible for a Canada immigration visa. If you are just visiting Canada for less than six months, for business or tourism then you can apply for an eTA.

What are the benefits of the Canada immigration visa?

Many people choose to immigrate to Canada for work opportunities or for a better quality of living. The immigration rules are considered to be less strict than other countries, making it a better option for those who might struggle to gain entry to other countries. The first step is to find out as much as you can about the rules for your country, e.g. applying for immigration visa for UK citizens for Canada.

Who can apply for Canada immigration visa?

If you are classed as a skilled worker then you should be able to get express entry. You must complete your work experience when you submit your application and the authorities will determine whether you fall under the class of a skilled worker.
Other ways that you can get a Canada immigration visa is through family sponsorship, provincial nominations, or as a student. If you graduate from certain Canadian schools, you are also eligible to immigrate to Canada. Start-up businesses and self-employed people are also able to apply for an immigration visa. You may even be able to apply as a refugee if you fit the criteria.

How you can get the Canadian immigration visa?

You will need to apply online for your immigration visa for Canada, including all of the documents such as job offers/college offers, medical information and proof of funds. You may need to have an interview before an Express Entry application is granted. When you enter Canada you will need to take your valid passport along with your Confirmation of Permanent Residence.