Canadian Visitor Visa

When you are planning a trip to Canada, either for business or tourism purposes then you are able to apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) to give you permission to enter the country. So whether you are visiting to attend a business meeting, going to visit the Niagara Falls, or any other visit that is shorter than the six months limit covered by eTA.

Visit Canada: Visitor Visa for UK citizens

There are plenty of amazing attractions in Canada that ensures Canada tourism is thriving all year round. If you are planning a visit in the near future then you must apply for a visitor visa for Canada, in the form of an eTA. The Canadian visitor visa provides you with the relevant permission to enter Canada for business and pleasure reasons, provided that you are aware of the restrictions i.e. you do not stay for a period longer than six months at a time.

Visiting Canada for pleasure or business

The eTA is very convenient if you want to visit Canada for business, for pleasure or for a mixture of both. Lasting for up to five years, a Canada visitor visa enables you to make numerous visits within the time it is valid, as long as your passport is also still valid.

Which countries can and which cannot visit Canada with eTA?

There is a list of countries that are visa-exempt that can travel to Canada using an eTA. These include the UK and Australia, you can see the full list of countries here.

Is eTA a Canadian visitor visa?

Yes, eTA is the same as a Canadian visitor visa, providing authorisation for travel as long as you are a citizen from one of the listed countries that are visa-exempt.

Visa to Canada from UK

If you are visiting Canada from the UK then you can apply for the eTA, as the UK is listed as a visa-exempt country, all you need to do is fill in the Canada visitor application form, which takes around ten minutes to complete.

Visiting Canada from UK to see family

If you have family in Canada that you want to visit, either as a one-off trip or you plan to visit them quite regularly, an eTA is the right Canada visa for family visits.

Visitor Visa – An Online Application

The online application is very straight forward but if you do have any questions about the process, or need further support you can visit the FAQs pages, or use the online chat facility to get help.