eTA Canada Visa Status

Once you have applied for an eTA you can check on the status at any time. This includes when you are waiting to receive confirmation of whether your application has been approved or also to check at any time whether an existing eTA is still valid.
To check that your eTA is valid, you simply need to confirm your application number, passport number, country of issue and issue and expiry date. You will then be able to view the status of your eTA. Your eTA is valid for a period of five years but if your passport runs out before then, you must apply for a new eTA at the same time as a new passport.

eTA Canada application showing ‘Not Found’

If you have recently applied for an eTA and are checking to see if your application has been approved, you will need to wait a few hours and then check back again. Be aware that it can take up to 72 hours for applications to be processed so wait until that period is complete before contacting the support team.
When you are completing your details to apply for eTA it is really important that you provide the correct information to ensure that there are no delays in getting your eTA approved. Inaccurate information can cause your application to be refused and if your flight is due to depart in the next few days, it could mean your travel plans will need to change to ensure that you have the authorisation to travel to Canada.
You can check the FAQs section for more information regarding your eTA visa status and reapplying for eTA.