Canadian Travel Visa

If you are thinking about visiting Canada in the near future then you have a lot to be excited about but before you start planning the details of your visit, you need to consider the travel authorisation required to enter Canada. Just like the US operates with an ESTA system, Canada has an eTA, which stands for Electronic Travel Authorisation.

Travelling to Canada from UK

If you are travelling from the UK to Canada then you are able to apply for an eTA as the UK is one of the visa-exempt countries for Canada. Your electronic travel authorization Canada will allow you to visit Canada for business or tourist purposes, as long as your trip is for no longer than six months.

How to apply for Canadian travel visa?

You simply need to complete the online eTA form and submit your application. You will then receive confirmation if you have been approved and you can immediately use your eTA to enter Canada. It takes around ten minutes to complete the set of questions, including passport information.

Do I need eTA to travel to Canada from UK?

If you do not have another type of Canada travel visa then you should apply for eTA to give you the adequate permission to visit the country for the duration of your trip. If you are visiting for tourism or a business trip then an eTA is the simplest way to obtain Canada travel authorization.

Who can travel to Canada?

You can travel to Canada with eTA as long as your trip is for no longer than six months in duration and your passport is valid. You are eligible for eTA if you are travelling from the UK or any of the other visa-exempt countries.

Who needs a travel visa to Canada?

If you are not a Canadian or US citizen then you will require a visa to visit Canada.

What documents does a permanent resident need to travel to Canada?

Permanent residents of Canada must be able to produce their valid PR card or permanent resident travel document when they fly to Canada.

Required funds to have available for travel to Canada with an eTA

As well as being able to pay for your eTA application, you must have sufficient funds should something unexpected happen such as needing to book an earlier flight or to book additional accommodation.

How long does eTA for travel take to process?

Usually you will get confirmation within minutes but sometimes it can take longer, so it is advised that you submit your application at least 72 hours before you plan to travel to Canada.

How long does Canadian travel authorization last?

If you have your eTA Canada approved then it will be valid for five years, or until your passport expires, whichever comes sooner.