Business Visa for Canada

Do you need to travel to Canada for business purposes? If so, you are able to apply for a Canada business visa i.e. an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) that you apply for online through a simple form. The eTA is usually valid for a period of five years (or until your passport expires) and you can use it for multiple business trips throughout that time, without the need to re-apply for each trip. This makes doing business in Canada much simpler, knowing that your eTA covers you for this long amount of time.

Who can apply for a business visa for Canada?

To visit Canada for business purposes you should not be entering the Canadian labour market and your main place of business cannot be in Canada. Business trips that are to build relationships or are planned to help to grow your business are considered to deem you to be a business visitor to Canada.

Doing business in Canada

There are a number of reasons you may need a visa for business purposes in Canada, including to buy goods or services, attending business meetings or even a training event that is taking place somewhere in Canada. When you apply for eTA you will be asked a set of questions through the online form that will determine whether your situation fits the requirements of travelling with an eTA.
Perhaps your UK based business has operations in Canada that you need to visit, either as a one-off trip or on a regular basis. Getting a business travel visa for Canada will ensure that you have the correct level of authorisation to enter the country for these purposes.

How to apply for Canadian business visa etc

To apply for your Canada business visa, simply complete the online form, providing your personal details, passport details and answer the set of eligibility questions. You will then receive a response (usually within minutes but sometimes longer) via email to advise whether you have been approved. If your application is approved then your passport will be electronically updated with the information, which border security will check when you enter Canada.

Investment in Canada

If you are thinking about making an investment in Canada, then this also is considered to be business purposes for which you can travel with the use of an eTA.
You can see our FAQs page if you have any questions about the process of applying for eTA.