Work Visa for Canada

If you are going to work in Canada, you will need some type of visa that gives you the right level of authorisation related to the type of employment/work you will be doing in Canada. Usually, you will require a work permit if you are working in Canada but if you are just going for a short business trip, you may be able to go with an eTA instead.

Working in Canada

To find out whether you need a work permit, you will need to look at whether your work falls under the requirements of getting an open work permit of an employer-specific work permit. If you are simply going to Canada for business but your main base of work is elsewhere, you can apply for an eTA for business travel.

Do I need a Canadian work visa?

If you are working for a Canadian employer then you will require a work permit. If your work is not based in Canada and you are just visiting for a short business trip, you can simply apply for eTA instead of a work permit.

Canada work visa for UK citizens

Citizens from the UK are visa-exempt, meaning they can apply for an eTA for working in Canada from UK. The eTA is allowed if your trip will be for less than six months and you can also use this type of visa if you are looking for work in Canada, before you actually start working for a Canadian employer.

Is there a working holiday visa for Canada?

Thinking of having a working holiday in Canada? You will require a working holiday visa to entitle you to get a job in Canada. The eTA covers you for business and tourism trips to Canada but not for working for a Canadian employer, which requires a working holiday visa Canada.