Canadian Holiday Visa

For many people, going to Canada is a dream holiday with such amazing places to visit. If you are planning your trip to Canada then as well as having a valid passport, you also must be aware of the holiday visa that is required to enter Canada.

Requirements for a holiday visa in Canada

If your holiday is going to be shorter than six months then you can apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) to get permission to visit Canada. You will need to have a valid passport and you will need to have a debit or credit card to pay for the application fee, as well as a valid email address.

Holidays in Canada

Each year around 20 million international tourists head to Canada to visit one or more of the fantastic destinations across the country from Niagara Falls to the Rocky Mountains. Canada is one of the top tourist destinations around the world, so it is easy to see why people want to go on holiday to Canada.

Places to visit in Canada on a holiday

The Niagara Falls is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Canada. Cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Quebec City are also very popular holiday places. For skiers, Whistler is the largest and most popular ski resorts, whilst hikers and climbers often head to the Rocky Mountains.

A Guide to get an online Canada visa for a holiday trip

Applying for an eTA is simple and takes just minutes to complete an online form. If you are thinking of working in Canada to fund your holiday then you will need to apply for a working holiday visa Canada.