eTA Application: A Step by Step Guide

We want to make your application for eTA as straightforward as possible, and you should be able to find all of the information that you need to complete your application on this website. This step-by-step guide provides the correct way to ensure that your application process is simple.

Starting Your eTA Canada Application

Start off your application by clicking on the 'Apply For ETA' button. In order to complete the application, you must have your valid passport, a card to make payment with and an email address to provide. It should take you around 10 minutes to complete the application, so try and make sure you have a reliable internet connection to enable you to complete it without any technical issues.
It is very important that all of the information you provide is accurate, as incorrect information can lead to your eTA being refused and you will need to apply again.

Passport Details Section

The next section covers your passport details and the areas that are compulsory are shown as:
and these fields must be completed. Take care when you are adding your passport number as a mistake will cause delays.

Personal Details of Applicant Section

You must include any additional nationalities plus your contact information and your permanent residential address.
Next, add your travel information including your planned day of travel and flight details (if you know this information).

Completing the eTA Visa Application Form

Firstly, you will need to indicate whether you are applying on behalf of another person, either as a parent/guardian or a representative for someone who has nominated you to complete their application. (You can find out more about applying on behalf of someone else in the FAQs).
You will also need to confirm the type of travel document that you will be using for your visit to Canada e.g. regular passport, refuge travel document etc. and provide the code for your issuing country that appears on your passport e.g. GBR for British citizens. Then also add your nationality as noted on your passport e.g. If you apply for Canada visa from UK, choose: UK – British citizen.

Eligibility Questions

There are also a number of questions regarding whether you have had any criminal convictions and some questions related to your health.
Your application finishes with a consent and declaration that you must read and tick to confirm you agree with. You will then be required to complete your secure online payment.
If you have any further questions as you are completing the application, check the FAQs or use the online chat facility to ask any questions that you have.