Apply for Canada Visa from the UK

If you are planning to visit Canada by air from the UK and you are a British citizen then you are able to apply for an eTA to authorize your travel. Any traveler from a visa-exempt country is eligible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada. You can see the full list of countries that are visa-exempt here.
The eTA is ideal for people who are visiting Canada for a short period, or people that travel to Canada on a regular basis, as it is valid for five years and within that period, the eTA covers multiple trips to Canada from the UK. As long as your passport is still valid, your eTA remains valid for five years.
To apply for Canada visa from the UK, you simply need to complete the online eTA application form which should take around ten minutes to do. You will need to have your valid passport, a card to make payment with and a valid email address.
The online eTA form requires you to complete a set of personal details and passport details, as well as answering some eligibility questions that will determine whether your application will be accepted. Once you have completed all of the information and made the payment, you can submit your application. The processing of the application is usually very quick and can sometimes take just minutes. However, delays sometimes can happen, so it is recommended that you apply for eTA at least a week before you plan to fly to Canada.
For more information and support on how to apply for eTA Canada, see our step-by-step guide.