Canada Visa for UK citizens

Citizens from the UK are visa-exempt and are therefore eligible to apply for an eTA as authorization for their trip. You can see the full list of visa-exempt countries here but any British citizens are eligible for applying for eTA. This does not mean that the eTA will definitely be approved, as there is further criteria that must be reviewed to determine whether the eTA will be approved. For example, any criminal convictions, security concerns or health concerns could result in the eTA being denied.
If you are travelling to Canada from the UK then it is very straightforward to apply for eTA. The simple online form takes just minutes to complete and if approved, it provides authorization to visit Canada for a period of five years (or until your passport expires, whichever is sooner). Whilst it is valid, the eTA holder is able to use it for as many trips to Canada as they like, providing that they do not stay for a period of longer than six months. Travelers wishing to visit Canada for longer than six months must obtain a different type of visa, as relevant to the purpose of their stay.
Filling in the online eTA form takes around 10 minutes and you will usually get confirmation of whether it has been approved within minutes. However, it can sometimes take longer, so you are advised to submit your application at least 1 week before you are due to fly to Canada to allow for any issues.