How does the eTA work?

The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) form requires you to provide your personal details and answer a set of questions that will determine whether or not you will be allowed to enter Canada. The eTA was introduced to help improve border security and there is a set list of countries that form part of the visa-exempt countries, meaning that citizens from those countries can travel to Canada using an eTA.
To apply for eTA you must complete an online form that will then be reviewed and a decision will be made in regards to whether it is accepted or not. To submit your application you must pay a fee before your application will be completed, using an electronic payment. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging onto the website.
An eTA application is usually processed within minutes but can sometimes take longer, so it is recommended that people apply at least one week before they are due to fly to Canada. You should receive a response via the email account that you provided in your application and if it is approved then your passport will be linked electronically to show border control that your eTA is valid.
If your application is denied then there could be a number of reasons for this, which could be due to a mistake in filling in the application or it could be declined based on your eligibility. You can find out what to do if your eTA is denied in the FAQ.