How to get a Canadian visa from the UK?

If you are travelling to Canada from the UK and you hold a British passport then you are classed as visa-exempt and therefore are eligible to apply for an eTA to grant permission for entering Canada. The eTA is intended for citizens from visa-exempt countries who are looking to visit Canada for short visits of less than six months at a time. For travellers who want to visit Canada for longer than six months, an alternative form of visa must be obtained based on the purpose of the visit.
When you are planning your visit to Canada, you should check the validity of your passport before applying for your eTA. To travel internationally, it is recommended that you have at least six months left on your passport and you should be aware that if your passport expires, a new eTA will be needed, as your eTA is linked to the passport you applied with.
If you have a valid passport, a debit or credit card and an email address then you are ready to apply for your eTA. You just need to visit the website to complete the online application, answering a set of eligibility questions that will determine whether your application gets accepted.
Once you have completed the eTA and made the payment, you should receive email notifcation that your application has been submitted. You will later get a further email to state whether your application has been approved. Once you get that email confirmation, your eTA is set up and linked to your passport ready for you to use on your trip to Canada. You can get support and advice on applying for a Canada eTA on our application page.