How to get an eTA for Canada online?

It is quite easy to get an online eTA for Canada, as you just need to complete the online form and provide your personal details, passport details and answer eligibility questions. The form should only take around ten minutes to complete, and you will need your valid passport, a card to pay for your application and an email address for your confirmation to be sent to.
Based on the information that you provide, a decision will be made whether to approve your eTA or not and you will receive a notification. If your eTA is approved then it will be electronically linked to your passport to show that you have the relevant authorisation to visit Canada. You are then able to use the eTA for travel throughout the period that it is valid (five years) as long as your passport is still valid.
You can take a look at the step-by-step guide for more information on getting an eTA online and for help with how to submit it. Further information is available in the FAQs or the online chat facility.