Is there an eTA Canada for families?

Unfortunately, all eTA applications must be completed separately for individuals and there is no family or group application process. Each person, including both adults and children, must have their own passport and their own eTA application. Once each eTA is approved it will be electronically linked to the passport of the applicant.
You can fill out eTA applications on behalf of members of your family, specifying the relationship between you and the applicant. To make your travel arrangements easier, it is better to submit all of your family applications in the same period of time, rather than filling them in on different days for example. This should ensure that your validity period for the eTA is the same for each member of the family. It will also make it easier for you to track the progress of your eTA, as you can check them all at the same time.
Before you begin completing the applications for your family’s eTAs, you should check that all of the passports are valid for at least six months and use a reliable, fast internet service to ensure that you are not slowed down due to connectivity issues.